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  • Article in BWD Magazine

    Article in BWD Magazine

    Our compost had lots of fun being interviewed by Paul Cockram from the beautiful BWD Magazine. This is the most lovely glossy and interesting magazine we have ever seen, and we were very chuffed to be a part of the […]

  • Happy Veggie Growers

    Happy Veggie Growers

    How awesome do these salad greens look. Grown in our compost. Beautiful! We love it when you send us in happy photos. Thank you Diane

  • Allowable Input Status

    Allowable Input Status

    Super great news this week. Our beautiful compost has been approved by ACO as an allowable input in certified organic farming. I think we might be the first composters processing urban food and garden waste to achieve this. A great […]

  • Best sign post ever

    Best sign post ever

    We have finally had some RAIN. The other morning I arrived at the front gate in perfect timing to see this beautiful rainbow ending at the composting site. Perfect start to the day. 🙂

  • Christmas Compost

    Christmas Compost

    December has been a very busy and very rewarding month. News is traveling about our lovely compost and we have been totally overwhelmed and humbled by the positive feedback and BIG COMPOST LOVE we have been receiving from folks wanting […]

  • Roundtable Roundup

    Roundtable Roundup

    We had a great day at the composting site last Tuesday. I must admit Dave and I can get a bit starved for human contact out here so it was pretty lovely to be part of the EPA Roundtable. It was a very […]

  • Another beautiful day in compost land

    Another beautiful day in compost land

    There is something so lovely about the early morning light out here.

  • Farm to City to Farm to City

    Farm to City to Farm to City

    Some of our lovely City to Soil compost made its way back to the City today.  This lot is off to help establish some urban veggie plots and sustainable backyards. LOVELY!

  • Roundtable on composting & handling organics materials

    Roundtable on composting & handling organics materials

    The South East Resource Recovery Group  is organizing a roundtable discussion on composting greenwaste, FaGO (Food and Garden Organics) and other organics materials for Tuesday 28 October 2014. A key topic for discussion will be the NSW Waste Exemptions 2014. The […]

  • Time to leave home

    Time to leave home

    We were very excited (and a bit teary) when our first ute load of compost left the compound. This lot is off to help some new fruit trees sort themselves out. A shovel full of compost is a very nice […]